By 2030, Hitachi India hopes to increase the parent company's sales by $20 billion.

 Hitachi India, a subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate Hitachi, has set a goal to contribute $20 billion to the parent company's total consolidated revenue by 2030 while seeking to establish a dominant position across a number of industries.

Bharat Kaushal, the company's managing director, declared that they will meet the goal with "greater double-digit profit." The MD went on to say that Hitachi India is aiming for a "influential role" within the group's rail, energy, digital, and automotive divisions.

The combined financial revenue of Hitachi India for the fiscal year 2021 was 17,204 crore. 

Artificial intelligence (AI), hydrogen, and energy storage are some of the horizontal enablers that support integrating technologies utilising digital as the catalyst and will be significant growth drivers. We desire a larger double-digit profit to the total consolidated revenues of Hitachi "Kaushal stated to the PTI news agency.

Kaushal praised government initiatives in the areas of technology and intellectual property rights but asserted that the nation is becoming a hub for doing business outside of India, particularly in capital goods. 

Speaking of the revenue, he stated, "We hope to contribute to Hitachi's economy by USD 20 billion." 

"India is changing because to Hitachi's cutting-edge technology, which has won praise from throughout the world. With data and technology that promote a sustainable society, Hitachi's new Mid-Term Management Plan 2024 seeks to improve people's quality of life "The company's top executive remarked. 

Kaushal reaffirmed that the business is making a substantial contribution to India's effort to achieve carbon neutrality.

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