Astha Trade declares zero brokerage for intraday equities trading

 AsthaTrade is a SEBI-registered stockbroker with a corporate office in Bengaluru. It has been active in the stock market for more than 20 years and serves clients across India. Astha has received honours from MCX and NSDL in a number of categories, including Star.

This promotion was introduced by AsthaTrade as part of its signature online event, "9:15 Mania," which is a private gathering for the trading and investing community. In addition to zero brokerage equity intraday trading, this event also offers benefits on options trading and a free options strategy builder.

With 1.5 lakh clients, AsthaTrade, a brokerage firm registered with SEBI, has developed a novel approach for traders and investors. For your equity interests, AsthaTrade offers an online demat and trading account where you can trade equities without paying brokerage fees. Other brokers only offer free brokerage services for delivery deals, making AsthaTrade's offer of free brokerage for intraday equities trading unique in the market.

A trader can take advantage of incentives including a 5000 brokerage reversal on options trading and a free options strategy builder, in addition to zero brokerage equity intraday trading, through AsthaTrade's flagship online event "9:15 Mania," an exclusive event for the trading and investment community.

The CEO of AsthaTrade, Mr. Shauryam Gupta, states, "We think that every person should take part in India's growth story. To increase the value of their investments and build long-term wealth, they should take advantage of thriving industries and robust equity markets. Making equity intraday free will assist traders in beginning their journeys in investing and trading without the stress of paying astronomical brokerage costs.

To trade in shares and options, AsthaTrade provides investors with the internet software "Flow." AsthaTrade provides one of the lowest interest rates on the margin trading facility for stock trading, at 3.99%. Investors may easily apply for IPOs, trade using the TradingView Terminal, and use the Options Chain, Greeks, and PayOff Graphs to place more profitable trades. AsthaTrade just made its clients' use of the Options Strategy Builder feature free of charge. For new traders practising their options trading skills with premade strategies, the product is great.

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