Checking out Zomato and Paytm? Before purchasing, read this.

 "First-time buyers of new-age tech stocks entered the market, made a tonne of money, and fled. The institutional investors who entered the secondary market after that are significantly more experienced secondary market participants. 

They were aware of the issues with the businesses, their business models, and even the stock market's voting. They also knew what was wrong with every aspect of business. 

They intentionally chose to join these businesses. There is a change of hands, which is a very bullish trigger in and of itself "says investor and strategist Safir Anand.

It is lovely and wonderful to discuss the long-term narrative. However, in the medium term, when I consider the entire Adani Group of Stocks scandal, how FLIs are trading, and where earnings have gone in the previous two quarters, one would say that the long-term India story is fantastic but in the short to medium term, wrinkles have now appeared? 

How far away from the market highs are we now, given all the pessimism that is being discussed in relation to FlI selling, Adani difficulties, Russia, Ukraine, supply chain, inflation, and interest rates? 

The issue is how an investor should proceed given that a sizable portion of the market is resilient.

The challenge is for an investor to locate opportunities in the sizable portion of the market that is resilient. It is unlikely that all of the stocks in your portfolio will advance to the finish line in a straight line. Someone must come first, and someone else must come second. But how significant of a setback is this? Not much, and be sure to check the outcomes. 

Investors eventually pay attention to results, and the results season has just ended. 

What level of outcomes are some of our businesses reporting in comparison to what is going on in the rest of the world and all the issues that came with it?

Wher Where in the market are you bullish, and how are you investing? 

I typically don't change the themes I've been discussing with you, especially if those themes are currently in play. 

The second was that the management behind the increasing prices was incredibly haughty. Some of them steadfastly declined to comment. Some of them dismissed shareholders and made comments, but they eventually realised the foolishness of many poor business mistakes they had made. making successive purchases and adjusting the balance sheet to

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