Over the next 12 months, Blinkit, owned by Zomato, plans to add about 40% more dark stores.

 Albinder Dhindsa, the CEO of Zomato-owned Blinkit, has stated that the company plans to increase the number of its dark stores, also known as micro-fulfillment centres, by about 40% over the course of the upcoming year.

Currently, the company operates more than 400 warehouse-like dark stores. 

According to PTI, the CEO stated in an earnings statement, "In both old and new cities, we have located a number of new, high potential neighbourhoods. The number of net dark stores should start rising in the future." 

Based on the data our systems provide, the management bandwidth, and the time to supply creation, he added, "We are looking for prospects for store openings in high potential locations." 

Dhindsa, however, emphasised that, in contrast to the food delivery industry, the expansion of the rapid commerce industry is reliant on a number of variables, including the availability of the brand's product, the seller's skill, and the supply chain's capacity.

We only begin the process of opening new stores after we are certain that we can give our clients a fantastic experience in a location with a lot of potential. Currently, we think that over the next 12 months, we can comfortably increase the number of dark stores by 30–40% "Added he. 

Accord to Dhindsa, "This will also depend on the company's ability to locate these outlets in the best and most affordable areas.

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